Jennie Papkin


Jennie is originally from Rochester, NY and managed to find her way back after many years away. She grew up in Pittsford and attended McGill University in Montreal, Quebec where she received her Bachelors in Sociology and Communications in 2011. Jennie made her way to Austin, Texas for a year and enjoyed lots of live music and breakfast tacos until she couldn’t take the Texas heat anymore and returned to New York. Having previously worked at Cameron’s Summer Safe Haven Program while in college, she enthusiastically rejoined the Cameron team in August of 2013 as the Volunteer Coordinator. She has now turned over those duties and is currently Cameron’s Executive Coordinator.

Jennie has greatly enjoyed her time at Cameron these past 3 years and loves her Cameron Family. Every day is different and challenging! In her spare time Jennie likes film photography, completing DIY projects, thrifting, cooking and traveling to visit old friends.